LLumar CTX Series Window Film

Llumar CTX Series Window Film


Overall Film Rating:

LLumar CTX Ceramic window films are the best choice if you want superior heat rejection and performance. This film has no metal in the window film construction, meaning that it will not interfere with any electronic device that you or your occupants may use in the car. Older metalized films cause all sorts of problems in this regard, and for the most part should be avoided. A common problem with films that have metal content is that AM reception can be compromised.

CTX Ceramic window films eliminates this problem entirely. Delivering outstanding performance, CTX also comes with exceptional clarity, with no grainy texture in the film. Optical clarity is paramount in film applications, and a clear view is what having a premium grade film is all about.

CTX is available in a variety of shades, and we have everything on display for you to pick and choose the correct film for your specific needs. This film is also color stable, and will not change color or turn purple. This feature along with a Factory backed Lifetime Warranty takes the worry out of putting this film on your car glass.

Outstanding UV protection, heat rejection and glare reduction comes standard with every install. Call us today for additional information, or look us up online. See what others say about our service, and how we treat our customers. Find out what makes us different. There is a good reason we have outstanding reviews, and we will do our best to have you become a Glass Tiger client for life....

Feature Rating Notes
Construction State-Of-The-Art Nano-Ceramic Construction
UV Rejection Best Available Ultra Violet Rejection
Heat Rejection Best Available Heat Rejection Properties
Glare Control Excellent Glare Control Properties 
Color Stability Will Not Fade Over Time
Signal Interference Will Not Interfere With Radio or Wireless Signals
Warranty Lifetime Written Warranty - Best Available
Overall Film Rating:

LLumar ATR Series & ATC Series Window Films

Questions? Likely you're learning that there's a lot to know about window film when making a choice for your home, car or office. Give us a call or use our Contact Form, we'll be happy to explain about UV Protection, Heat Rejection and VLT (Visible Light Transmission) to insure you purchase the best window film for your particular application.


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