LLumar ATC Series Window Film

LLumar ATR Series Window Film


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Our LLumar ATR Metallized Window Film is truly in a class by itself. The latest technological advances have been applied to the construction of this film where it concerns color stability and performance.

Other films on the market offered by competing manufacturers cannot compare to the long life and longevity of the ATR product. The Deep Dyed process insures that this great film will never turn purple, and comes with a Lifetime Warranty to back it up.

Superior optical clarity, good heat rejection along with excellent UV protection makes the ATR product an outstanding value.

The ATRseries comes in many shades, and we are confident that we have a film that will meet your needs. Stop by and see what this film is all about, and have a free consultation with our friendly staff.

Feature Rating Notes
Construction Deep Dyed Metallized Color Stability Technology
UV Rejection Very Good UV Rejection
Heat Rejection Very Good Heat Rejection Properties
Glare Control Excellent Glare Control Properties (Dependent on Tint Percentage)
Color Stability Will Not Fade Over Time
Signal Interference Can possibly interfere with radio or wireless signals inside vehicle
Warranty Manufacturer Backed Lifetime Warranty
    Overall Film Rating:

Questions? Likely you're learning that there's a lot to know about window film when making a choice for your home, car or office. Give us a call or use our Contact Form, we'll be happy to explain about UV Protection, Heat Rejection and VLT (Visible Light Transmission) to insure you purchase the best window film for your particular application.


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